Antoine et Marie 2014

Marie leads a calm and happy life withe her boyfriend in a nice suburban neighborhood. After a night out in a bar with her colleagues, she wakes up dizzy, in a cab, with no memories of the night. What could Marie say to her boyfriend Richard, when he suspects her of cheating on him? What if Antoine, a simple auto parts delivery man, has the key to this enigma.

Donny & Marie 1976

Donny & Marie is an American variety show which aired on ABC from January 1976 to January 1979. The show stars brother and sister pop duo Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond. Donny had first become popular singing in a music group with his brothers, The Osmonds, and Marie was one of the youngest singers to reach #1 on the Billboard Country Music charts. The siblings were offered a weekly show by ABC-TV President Fred Silverman after he saw the duo co-host a week on The Mike Douglas Show which followed their series of popular remakes of oldies, such as "I'm Leaving It Up To You", "Morning Side Of The Mountain", "Deep Purple" and "Make The World Go Away". Donny and Marie were the youngest entertainers in TV history to host their own variety show. A year later, The Keane Brothers would break this record.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo 2019

In a series of inspiring home makeovers, world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo helps clients clear out the clutter -- and choose joy.

Marie Terezie 2017

The young Maria Theresia sees her life clearly in front of her: she will marry Franz Stephan of Lorraine and start a family of many with him. Even if Franz Stephan is not quite sure of his luck and her father, Emperor Charles VI, and his powerful advisor Prince Eugene of Savoy forge quite different plans for them. It looks quite as if the young archduchess must sacrifice her happiness to the cause of the state

Marie Curie 1977

BBC mini-series with Jane Lapotaire in the title role. The programme chronicles the work of scientific pioneer Marie Curie as she conducts her research into radioactivity, makes the famous discovery of Radium and wins Nobel Prizes for both Physics and Chemistry. The programme also looks at key events that affected the soon-to-be famous revolutionary including the devastating death of her husband (Nigel Hawthorne) and her subsequent controversial affairs.


Marie is an American talk show television series hosted by musician Marie Osmond. Debuting on October 1, 2012, it is produced by Associated Television International and airs on Hallmark Channel. The entirety of the first season was shot at Avenue Six Studios in Van Nuys, California. It was announced on July 3, 2013, that Marie will not return to the Hallmark Channel. The series' distribution company, Associated Television International, is planning to shop the series for broadcast syndication with the return being slated for fall 2014. New episodes contunied to air until July 30, 2013.

Marie Pervenche 1984

Marie Lorieux, a contract worker at the Paris Police Prefecture, is tired of distributing tickets. While walking the streets of the capital, she finds herself mingled with intrigues all wacky and incredible as each other and decides to act alone in its investigations to the chagrin of his head of department who does not know how to do for the reason and her husband, Hervé, worried constantly.

Nat and Marie

Nat & Marie is an interactive Canadian Internet talk show hosted by Anastasia “Nat” Tubanos and Marie Nicola, who provide their commentary on online pop-culture, viral videos, interesting online content, digital news, celebrities, and other parts of internet culture like trending topics. Each show also features an element of live music, most often hip hop, rap and R&B. Airing Since the creation on the show Nat & Marie have successfully channelled their brand as a commentator for online culture for Huffington Post and presenters.

Donny & Marie 1998

Donny & Marie is an American talk show hosted by Donny and Marie Osmond, that aired in syndication from September 1998 to May 2000 and was produced by Dick Clark. The show had a "house band", featuring Jerry Williams, Kat Dyson, Paul Peterson, and Nick Vincent.


Marie-Soleil was a Canadian children's television show in the 1980s. The show, starring children's entertainer Suzanne Pinel, used stories and songs to teach French to anglophone kids. The series was produced by CJOH-TV in Ottawa, and aired on many stations associated with the CTV Television Network. The puppet-character, an English-speaking dog named Fergus, was played by Jon Park-Wheeler. There was also a clown named Samuel, played by Ann Paradis, who spoke with sign language for the hearing impaired.

Miss Marie Lloyd – Queen of The Music Hall

Miss Marie Lloyd – Queen of The Music Hall is a British television drama first shown on BBC Four in 2007. It was produced by Hat Trick Productions. It traced the turbulent and unconventional life of Edwardian Music Hall star Marie Lloyd, and formed part of BBC Four's Edwardians – The Birth of Now season.

Marie-Christine Lavoie : ma maison, mon design 2013

Follow Marie-Christine Lavoie as she travels to India and Indonesia where she finds inspiration, objects and ideas to create furnishings and accessories that will serve as the starting point for unique decors in her Laurentian home.

Where to I Do? 2018

For every couple getting married, big decisions have to be made. And the biggest decision of all is location, location, location! Property and design expert Tommy Smythe takes engaged couples on a tour of three completely unique spaces, where their fantasy wedding could take place.


Marisol is a 1996 Mexican telenovela, starring Erika Buenfil and Eduardo Santamarina with the antagonic role of the star actress Claudia Islas. It was produced by Televisa. This telenovela contained 145 episodes and is a remake of Marcha nupcial. Famous and beloved Enrique Álvarez Félix died after he finished his work in Marisol.

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