Beyond the Walls 2012

Paulo, a young pianist, meets Ilir, a double-bass player originally from Albania. It's love at first sight. Confronted by Anka, Paulo finds himself out on the street. Despite Ilir's misgivings, Paulo moves in with him. One day, when Paulo promises that he will love Ilir for the rest of his life, Ilir leaves the city and doesn't return. A few days later, Paulo finds out that Ilir is in jail, and the two lovers embark on an heart-breaking relationship.

Beyond the Walls 1985

This 1985 Spanish film reveals one of the many terrible aspects of 16th century Spain, still plagued by the radical Christian Inquisition, one of a plethora of difficulties Spaniards faced at the time. Spanish super star Carmen Maura plays a nun who agrees to a selfless scam, a fake stigmata, only to avoid separation from her lover, another nun. It's a serious and passionate work, highlighting the theme of outspoken women-against-repression, seen in other good gay and lesbian films. This is not a lesbian "Nun sense" or another "Dark Habits" (by Almodovar, which also starred Carmen Maura, and also set in a Spanish convent, with some lesbian nuns). Perhaps, best of all, 'Extramuros' is realistic and frank. It isn't shy about its characters' sexuality. Their sexuality, and the film as a whole are genuine.

Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time 2004

Two years have passed since the catastrophic event known as the "Continent's Dropping" from the first OAV episode. Yumemi still has not forgotten her ability to see the world above, but now she's in the last years of middle school, tests and real life take over. Unknown to the people of the world, Akuto the world still thrives, but the war rages on. In need of help, Gaz, sends Munto down into Earth once more to find the "Girl of Destiny" in order to save Heaven from its ultimately demise. Yumemi must once confront the only world she sees, and not even her friends Ichiko and Suzune can help her.

Beyond The Walls 2015

A girl faces losing a college scholarship after a sports injury until she gets help from a team of professionals.

Beyond the Walls 1984

In Israel's Central Prison, the security officer is corrupt, supplying drugs and stirring the hatred between Jewish and Arab prisoners to his advantage. Uri, in for 12 years for armed robbery, and Issan, in for 50 years for PLO violence, command the respect of their cells. When the Arabs are framed for the murder of a Jewish prisoner and a young inmate commits suicide rather than lie about what happened, Uri and Issan form an unlikely partnership, leading the security block on a strike. Prison officials try to break it. In the background are Uri's daughter and Issan's wife, women of beauty and passion who embody the distance from inside a cell to the outside.

Beyond The Walls 2016

Lisa, a young speech therapist, heirs a house from an unknown man who died over 20 years ago. She is not in any way related to this man and she doesn't know him. When she moves into the mysterious building, she becomes trapped in a true labyrinth...

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