Presenting Princess Shaw 2016

Through You Princess will follow Samantha, Kutiman, and some of the musicians around the world who are not aware of Kutiman creating his new music out of their musical web clips. Everyone is from another background, culture, and country, but all share now a mutual musical vision.

Artie Shaw and His Orchestra 1939

In this 1939 short in the Melody Master series, that was re-released in 1948 and 1955, Artie Shaw) leads his orchestra in "Begin the Beguine","Nightmare", "Non-Stop Flight", "Let's Stop the Clock", sung by Helen Forrest, and "Pross Tchai"/"Good-bye", a comedy Russian number performed by saxophone player Tony Pastor).

Roy Shaw: Brute Force

When he wasn't duking it out in the boxing ring, Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw terrorized Britain as one of the country's most feared gangsters, as revealed in this documentary. The program chronicles Shaw's shady history, a criminal career that includes armed robbery, murder and brutal beatings. Known as the only man who ever broke his way out of two prison cells, Shaw became one of Britain's most powerful gangsters in the 1960s.

Snowy Shaw: The Liveshow

25 years of madness in the name of metal. Snowy Shaw plays all his favorite songs - by all his former bands. More than 3 witching hours of the much awaited live DVD/CD set with Snowy Shaw and his freaky fiends.

Forrest Shaw: Poor Decisions 2018

Described by Jim Jefferies as "[email protected]#!%ing Hilarious" and by Bill Burr as "One of my favorites to watch," this former marine biologist-turned-comedian is an expert at pointing out the shortcomings of our species. Forrest intimately delivers his sharp critique of mankind as he and his hometown of Miami brave the hurricane happening outside. Another one of Forrest's Poor Decisions.

Prometheus: Prologue - Quiet Eye: Elizabeth Shaw 2012

Quiet Eye: Elizabeth Shaw is a video message from Elizabeth Shaw to Peter Weyland in which she requests a meeting to discuss her proposed mission to contact the Engineers. It was directed by Johnny Hardstaff. The video was originally released on May 16, 2012 through the Verizon FiOS Facebook page, as part of the viral marketing campaign for Prometheus.

What Makes Shaw Run Run? 1972

Alan Whicker meets Chinese film mogul, Run Run Shaw, at his Hong Kong studios and sees examples of the swordfight films, of which he is producing more than sixty a year.

Jeff Shaw: Manly Girly Man

Jeff Shaw's writing is marked both by idealism and humanity. His stimulating satire is often infused with poetic beauty. More importantly, he looks like Rod Stewart.

Shaw Talks for Movietone News 1928

Famous author George Bernard Shaw's monologue to an audience on a variety of topics, including his impression of Mussolini's stern facial expressions.

Big Band: Artie Shaw & Duke Ellington 1940

Savor the sounds of big band jazz and swing with this compendium of live performance clips from some of the genre's most legendary musicians. Besides innovative clarinetist, composer and bandleader Artie Shaw and the incomparably elegant pianist, composer and bandleader Duke Ellington, other featured artists include trombonist Jack Teagarden, singer and bandleader Cab Calloway and bandleader Boyd Raeburn.

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Live At Oran-Mor

English blues-rock singer-guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor performs live at Oran-Mor in Glasgow in 2015.Joanne Shaw Taylor has established herself as the UK’s number one star in the blues rock world. The girl with the big voice from the Black Country has toured extensively around the world and released critically acclaimed albums, gaining a global fanbase and playing alongside some of her musical idols. The 11 Track DVD was filmed and recorded at Oran Mor, a former church now converted into a thriving arts and live music venue in Glasgow, Scotland. British blues star, Joanne says: “Recording this DVD at Oran-Mor in Scotland was incredibly inspiring, It’s a very spiritual space 1. Mud Honey 2. Outlaw Angel 3. Wrecking Ball 4. Tried Tested And True 5. Jump That Train 6. Diamonds In The Dirt 7. Watch Em Burn 8. Time Has Come 9. Tied and Bound 10. Going Home 11. The Dirty Truth

The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain 2013

From PBS - With unprecedented access, The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain captures the unique creative process of one of North America's longest running, most distinctive and exciting theatre experiences. Each year between April and October, the Shaw Festival--which began in 1962 with the mandate on works by George Bernard Shaw--presents around 10 plays on four stages that attract patrons from all over the world. Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada--the Shaw's one-of-a-kind schedule has actors and directors working on several plays at once. Over eight months, crews design and build sets on a finely honed schedule that is both frenetic, creative, and amazingly well planned and executed. Follow the process of getting the play from the page to the stage as The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain provides insight into every aspect of production at a summer theatre festival.

Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got 1986

This in-depth examination of the life and career of clarinetist and bandleader Artie Shaw cuts between archival footage, location shots, and an interview with Shaw himself. Berman illustrates the tumultuous, complicated, and remarkable legacy of a man who brought numerous innovations to jazz and swing music during the big-band era.

Best of the Big Bands: Artie Shaw & Friends 2005

True fans of the big band era can get back into the swing of things with jazz legends Artie Shaw, Gene Krupa, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey and Charlie Barnet -- all included on one fabulous recording. Vintage live performances reveal hits and highlights from the artists' golden years as they deliver classics such as "Jeepers Creepers," "Deep Purple," "In the Mood" and "Up the Lazy River," to name just a few.

Martin Shaw: Aviators

Martin Shaw: Aviators was a six-part British television series produced by Twofour. It was first broadcast on Discovery Real Time in 2006. Each episode of the series had a number of segments. Together, the segments gave us three key stories, which ran, more or less, in parallel. Firstly, there was the story of the crash of actor Martin Shaw's, treasured Stearman biplane, G-BAVO, known as "Two-Six" and his project to get it flying again. The aeroplane, a Kaydet Stearman, was crashed on 1 August 2004 by another pilot after the aeroplane failed to climb. No one was injured. The air accident investigation branch released a report of the crash in PDF format on its website, but did not come to any definite conclusion as to the cause of the crash. Shaw states a new engine had been recently installed. He asked Blackbarn aviation to restore the plane. It is not an economically viable proposition, but he commented that it seemed to be the emotional and common sense thing to do. Secondly, we were given an outline of the history of flight from the earliest days of ballooning, through developments driven by war, to dreams of everyday travel into space. Lastly, he gives us an insight into the world of the aviation fanatic. He took the opportunity to fly some of his all time favourite aircraft. He took the controls of a Spitfire owned by Maurice Bayliss. At Cranfield Airport, he co-piloted an English Electric Lightning owned by Russell Carpenter. Although forbidden to take off, the jet did reach 150mph in three seconds along the tarmac. He also compared notes with Wing Commander Ken Wallis, the nonagenarian builder and developer of the modern autogyro.

Condensed Classics with Dave Shaw

Condensed Classics was a television show that aired on the Canadian Channel Movieola. Although only 25 episodes were produced, the show was run and rerun on Movieola, and later on its sister station Silver Screen Classics. The program was aired as late as April 2013 on Silver Screen Classics, usually late on Saturday nights.

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