Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest 2008

Throughout history there have been legendary artifacts that have captured the imagination of adventurers everywhere. While belief in their existence seems to fly in the face of reason and science, there have been those who have devoted their lives to their discovery. One man has looked for some of these remarkable treasures. He is Indiana Jones--professor of archeology and an adventurer who has uncovered some of the world's greatest mysteries. But Dr. Jones is just a fictitious character and it's widely assumed that the artifacts he searched for were also figments of a writer's imagination. But were they?

Jonny Quest 1964

Jonny Quest – often casually referred to as The Adventures of Jonny Quest – is an American animated science fiction adventure television series about a boy who accompanies his scientist father on extraordinary adventures. It was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for Screen Gems, and created and designed by comic book artist Doug Wildey. Inspired by radio serials and comics in the action-adventure genre, it featured more realistic art, characters, and stories than Hanna-Barbera's previous cartoon programs. It was the first of several Hanna-Barbera action-based adventure shows – which would later include Space Ghost, The Herculoids, and Birdman and the Galaxy Trio – and ran on ABC in prime time on early Friday nights for one season in 1964–1965. After spending two decades in reruns, during which time it appeared on all 3 major US television networks of the time, new episodes were produced for syndication in 1986 as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera's second season. Two telefilms, a comic book series, and a more modern revival series, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, were produced in the 1990s.

Veritas: The Quest 2003

Veritas: The Quest is a television program that aired in 2003. It follows a rebellious but intelligent teenager, Nikko Zond, discovering that his father Solomon's profession is much more mystical and adventurous than he previously thought. Solomon and his team search for the answers to some of the world's mysteries, a quest began because of the mysterious disappearance of Nikko's mother during an archaeological dig. Thus begins Nikko's fantastical journey into an Indiana Jones-style adventure with his father and his colleagues in trying to follow in his mother's footsteps to discover what strange secrets she was uncovering. The series was cancelled in the United States by ABC with only four episodes being aired. Thirteen episodes were broadcast on Sci Fi Channel in the United Kingdom, on Rai 2 and Rai 4 in Italy, Sony Entertainment Television of Spain. This was the first program where Cobie Smulders had a series regular role, and notable guest stars included Liz Vassey, Carlo Rota, Roger Rees, and Eli Wallach.

Rainbow Quest 1965

Legendary folk musician Pete Seeger shares stories and songs with some of the folk and country music greats of the 1960s such as Johnny Cash, June Carter, Mississippi John Hurt, The Stanley Brothers and Doc Watson.

Maddigan's Quest 2006

Maddigan's Quest was a fantasy-based television series set in a post-apocalyptic future. It was based on an original concept by Margaret Mahy and was developed for television by Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang. The show originally screened on CBBC in the UK, and was also aired on TV3 in New Zealand, Family Room HD from Voom Networks HD and Nine Network in early 2006.

Costume Quest 2019

Wren, Reynold, Everett and Lucy face off against ferocious, nougat-munching monsters that lurk in the shadows of the sleepy town of Auburn Hollow. They must learn to use their imaginations to unlock the magical powers of their homemade costumes and save the universe on a night where monsters reign... Halloween!

The Quest 1976

The Quest is an American Western series which aired on NBC from September to December 1976. The series stars Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson. The Quest's pilot episode aired as a television film on May 13, 1976.

Fight Quest 2007

Fight Quest is a television show on the Discovery Channel that had a preview episode air on December 28, 2007 and began airing weekly on January 4, 2008. The show followed Jimmy Smith and Doug Anderson as they travel around the world learning different styles of martial arts, spending five days training with notable masters of the styles they are studying, before exhibiting what they have learned in a final demonstration and/or fight. According to quotes by the hosts, the show was cancelled after the first season. At the end of February an updated DVD box set was released that included the final three episodes not in the original release. The series was canceled at the beginning of the second season and only three episodes aired, the last one ended on October 3, 2008.

Mythic Quest 2019

Follow the antics of a game studio whose highly popular title, Mythic Quest, is about to receive a major expansion.

Treasure Quest: Snake Island 2015

Hidden somewhere off the southeastern coast of Brazil could lie hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of lost Incan gold. One team of treasure hunters has a new theory on where the treasure lies - a remote spot home to 1,000s of deadly vipers.

Road Quest 2019

Join us for the biggest production LRR has ever taken on! Over the next 12 episodes, our six hosts will take $10,000 worth of used cars on an epic adventure into the backroads of Canada.

The Quest 1982

The Quest is an American action/adventure television series that aired on ABC from October to November 1982. The series stars Perry King and Noah Beery, Jr. Produced by Stephen J. Cannell, the series was canceled after five episodes.

Zoo Quest 1954

Documentary series starring David Attenborough who follows zoo keepers on a quest to find different animals to be added to the zoo. David Attenborough and a team from London Zoo travel in search of exotic animals. Their aim is to capture them and bring them back to the UK for exhibit in the zoo.

Legend Quest 2011

Legend Quest is an American adventure television series that premiered on July 13, 2011, on the SyFy channel. The series follows historian and adventure-seeker Ashley Cowie in his quest to crack the code on his hunt for the most powerful lost treasures in the world. On March 12, 2012, TVWise reported that the series has been cancelled by Syfy.

Corwin's Quest

: Corwin's Quest is an American television program about animals airing on Animal Planet. It is similar to The Crocodile Hunter. It is hosted by actor and conservationist Jeff Corwin from The Jeff Corwin Experience. Music composed by Rich Stubbings

The New Adventures of Jonny Quest 1986

The New Adventures of Jonny Quest was a 1980s continuation of Hanna-Barbera's Jonny Quest animated television series from the 1960s. Debuting in 1986 as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera's 2nd season, syndication package, this new Jonny Quest series could be seen as the second season to a program that originally aired from 1964-1965 on ABC.

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