Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator 1967

After many adventures, young female switchboard operator starts a love relationship with a serious young man. But while he's away on business, she gets lonely and succumbs to her colleague's passes. When the boyfriend returns, he gets into fight with the impregnated girl that ends up tragically with a killing.

Crown of Russian Empire, or the Elusives Again 1971

The Russian Civil War is over and the White Guard are all dead or abroad. Some of the exiled nobles are attempting to crown a new Tsar/Emperor abroad, and a couple of impostors are vying for the position. At the same time, some of the Elusive Avengers' old foes are trying to return to Russia, for mysterious reasons. The avengers are assigned the task of finding out what's going on. Turns out the bad guys are after the Russian Crown, which is encrusted with many diamonds and jewels. It is not clear whether the crown is only wanted for the coronation ceremony or if the bad guys are trying to sell it to the highest bidder, but either way they must be stopped. The avengers are after them. Two go to Paris to infiltrate the emigrant community, and the other two work on the Russian soil.

Love or Death 2014

It seems that football is still the most important thing in Koko's life and the upcoming encounter between the infamous “Pirates” and Koko's team “Green Hill” the central event of the season. Zlatko is still spending every second reading books and scolding Koko for being immature. To prove him wrong, Koko tells him that he is unhappily in love with Ana, a mysterious girl as magical as the heroines from Zlatko’s novels. Koko’s mischievous sister Marica, secretive friend Ema and insolent Melita have their own band – Koko’s team will go to a concert, as will the girls go to their football games. We will find out whether the boys are really that interested in music and the girls in football in Love or Death - the new film from the Koko serial.

Marjuca or Death 1987

The town of Split in the 1930s during Italian occupation. A boy torn between kid's games and sexual awakening finds more about the latter at the nearby whorehouse who works non-stop.

Monday or Tuesday 1966

A divorced journalist Marko Požgaj starts his working day by taking his son to the school. During the day many thoughts and images pass through his mind - the memories of childhood, ex-wife, current girlfriend, but mostly his father who died in a war.

Belgrade: Life or Death 2014

The film follows a famous model and stylist Maja Atanasijević in her lonely, but intense struggle to bring back forgotten values of a city.

A Funny Dream, or Laughter and Tears 1976

A student and chess lover Andrey Popov, while getting sick the night before a chess game with a chess world champion Karpov, falls asleep and is having a dream. In this dream, he finds himself in a kingdom ruled by chess figures and playing cards. Chess figures (who are in power) are in a state of sadness due to a misterious disease that struck their young prince. While Andrey attempts to help them, the cards are preparing a coup...

Gravitation 1968

After completing his military service, Boris Horvat finds himself at the crossroads. He thinks about enrolling at the faculty, but the job of a clerk at a bank where his father worked is already waiting for him. Boris falls in love with a female artist, but soon gets involved in another love affair, this time with his female colleague at work.

White Moor or Intimate Stories about my Neighbors 2012

This is an ironic, sometimes frankly ridiculous and at the same time sad story about the everyday life of the so-called “upper middle class” - glorified by Woody Allen in America, but still very small in Russia among wealthy citizens. In addition to the enviable affluence, all these businessmen, movie directors, fashion directors, owners of dental clinics and their beautiful wives who are stuck in existential doubts and trivial adultery, are also united by their sonorous `pioneers` (Russian boy & girl scouts) past, which sometimes turns out to be much more difficult than to build a mansion in New Riga...

The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater 2018

The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater explores the position of an artist in the Socialist FR Yugoslavia, focusing on the political and social climate that used public platforms to condemn the film WR: Mysteries of the Organism, under the auspices of the Communist Party.

Battle at Black Rock 1913

"Wishing to record the heroism of the Third Army under the command of General Boza Jankovic and its Morava Division II Line led by Milovan Nedic, the producer Djoka Bogdanovic shot twelve “cinematographic images“ with his two cameramen on the teritorry where these armies fought during the 16th July 1913." Yugoslav Cinematheque

All Inclusive ili Vsyo Vklyucheno 2011

Andrey is a handsome veterinarian with a successful Moscow pet clinic. Popular with ladies among his upscale clientele, he is forced to leave town when the jealous husband of one of them hires a hitman.

Mim Bim Ili Chuzhaya Zhizn 2008

Жизнь щедра на сюрпризы! Никогда не знаешь, где найдешь, а где потеряешь. В жизни талантливого молодого актера начинается полоса невезений. Сначала он лишается работы в театре. Потом от него уходит жена и забирает с собой 8-летнюю дочку. Бим (так его нынче все называют) пытается заработать денег в качестве площадного мима – копирует проходящих мимо людей...

Sdelka ili ne

Sdelka ili ne, is the Bulgarian version of Deal or No Deal, which airs on Nova Television. Players on this version can win between a dime and 100,000 leva, sometimes there is a 200,000 leva prize. The show was started on September 19, 2005 and has been broadcast for six seasons. As of June 24, 2011, the end of the fifth season, more than 6.5 million leva had been won by 1,108 contestants, including two 75,000 leva winners and four 100,000 leva winners. The first 75,000 leva winner is Veneta Raykova, a member of the VIP Brother cast in Bulgaria. She won during the first season of the show. The other one is Aleksandar Micic who sold his 50,000 leva box for that amount on the May 10, 2011 episode. The 100,000 leva winners include a contestant on the December 8, 2006 episode, Niki Kitaetsa on the September 18, 2007 episode, and Sevil Saliev on the December 22, 2008 episode. From the sixth season onwards, there are two more 100,000 leva winners, including Mariela Pepeldzhiyska on the January 23, 2012 episode, and Plevenchaninat Iskren on the January 24, 2013 episode.

Pan ili Propal

Pan ili propal is a game show which aired on the Russian Channel One. It was one of the Russian versions of the Deal or No Deal show. The host was Nikolai Fomenko and the grand prize is 3,000,000 Russian ruble. It was premiered on 20 September 2004.

Some Assembly Required 2014

When fourteen-year-old Jarvis Raines gets a chemistry set from his Aunt Marlene for Christmas, he assumes it's just another boring gift. Boy is he wrong! The contents create a chemical reaction that destroys his houseso much for a Merry Christmas! After getting not even an apology from the manufacturer, Knickknack Toys, Jarvis takes them to court, wins, and ends up owning the company!

Truth & Iliza 2017

Comic Iliza Shlesinger hosts this late-night talk show that features episodes that revolve around particular themes, in the form of a question that Iliza tries to answer. She uses audience interaction, field pieces, commentary and -- what she's best known for -- jokes to help her find the answers she seeks. The weekly series focuses on discussing the sociopolitical issues of the day, whether they involve necessary discussions or more inane topics.

Iliski Durumu: Karisik

The series, created by Banu Kiremitçi Bozkurt, portrays Love, jealousy, pride, and a love game that goes hand in hand with friendship and misunderstandings.

Vengeance Unlimited 1998

Vengeance Unlimited was an American crime drama series broadcast during 1998-1999 on ABC which lasted for just one season of sixteen episodes. The show starred Michael Madsen and Kathleen York. The show originally aired Thursdays at 8:00 pm up against NBC's Top 5 hits Friends and Jesse.

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