Chance 2016

San Francisco-based forensic neuropsychiatrist Eldon Chance reluctantly gets sucked into a violent and dangerous world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness.

Second Chance 2016

A disgraced, 75-year-old ex-sheriff, whose life ends at the hands of corrupt cops, is brought back to life and given a second chance by a pair of young tech scientists, as a 35-year-old with unpredictable near-superhuman abilities.

Last Chance U 2016

In a docuseries set at one of NCAA football's most fertile recruiting grounds, guys with red flags seek to prove their worth on the field and in class.

Sonny with a Chance 2009

Allison "Sonny" Munroe makes the leap from the Midwest to Los Angeles to join the cast of "So Random!," the most popular sketch comedy TV show for kids and tweens. Her fellow young actors are resident teen queen Tawni, super suave Nico, gregarious funnyman Grady and quirky Zora. Now Sonny must somehow balance these new friendships while adjusting to her family's decidedly different way of life in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Sonny must also contend with heartthrob Chad Dylan Cooper, star of the rival show "MacKenzie Falls," who makes it known that he thinks his dramatic work is better than her comedy career.

Second Chance 1987

Second Chance is a short-lived American television sitcom

No Second Chance 2015

A doctor searching frantically for her missing baby daughter finds herself tangled in a web of ruthless criminals, suspicious cops and dark secrets.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2017

The series is a prequel, featuring the high school years of Flint Lockwood, the eccentric young scientist in the films. In his adventures, he will be joined by Sam Sparks, a new girl in town and the school's "wannabe" reporter, along with Flint's dad Tim, Steve the Monkey, Manny as the head of the school's audiovisual club, Earl as a school gym teacher, Brent as a baby wear model, and Mayor Shelbourne, who wins every election on the pro-sardine platform.

The Main Chance 1969

The Main Chance was a British television series which first aired on ITV between 1969,1970,1972 and 1975. A drama, it depicts the sudden transformation in the life of solicitor David Main who relocates from London to Leeds.

Haskett's Chance

A murdered politician is given a second chance at life after he's reincarnated in a lower form.

Fat Chance 2016

Each week, the show explores one person’s three-month journey to lose a targeted amount of weight and unearth the conviction to finally confess hidden feelings to a special someone they’ve never had the courage to approach. With the help of a professional trainer, they confront the scale — and some emotional roadblocks — while they learn to love themselves again and find the courage to put their hearts on the line for a chance at love.

Second Chance 1977

Second Chance is an American game show that ran from March 7, 1977 to July 15, 1977 on ABC. Jim Peck hosted, with Jay Stewart and Jack Clark serving as announcers. Second Chance is the predecessor to the CBS game show Press Your Luck, and was produced by The Carruthers Company. Artist and animator "Savage" Steve Holland, later a film director, used Second Chance's Devils as his model for the "Whammy" on Press Your Luck.

Now's Your Chance

Now's Your Chance is a Canadian variety talent show television series which aired on CBC Television from 1952 to 1954.

Mo'Nique's Fat Chance

Mo'Nique's Fat Chance is a reality TV miniseries. It features 10 plus-sized women competing in a beauty pageant to become "Miss F.A.T.," which is explained as "Fabulous and Thick." It is hosted by actress Mo'Nique and has aired since 2005 on the Oxygen network.

Take a Chance

Take a Chance was a Canadian quiz show by Roy Ward Dickson adapted from radio. It was one of the first series on CTV when the network began in 1961. The programme was produced in Toronto at CFTO-TV and was broadcast Mondays at 21:30. Sheila Billing, the Miss Toronto pageant winner of 1955, was a co-host of the programme. On its premiere, Toronto Star television critic Jeremy Brown deemed the show to be "painful to watch" and "dreary", complaining that the programme lacked structure, suspense and substantial prize monies. At one point, 438,000 viewers participated in the contests by submitting chewing gum wrappers as Chiclets was the programme's key sponsor. Take a Chance aired until 1965.

Take a Chance

Take a Chance is an American game show that aired live on NBC on Sunday night from October 1, 1950 to December 24, 1950. The show was hosted by film actor Don Ameche.

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