Terrible Joe Moran

Terrible Joe Moran is a 1984 television film directed by Joseph Sargent. The TV-movie stars James Cagney, in his final film, Art Carney, and Ellen Barkin. The film, about an aging ex-boxer confined to a wheelchair, won an Emmy Award in 1984. Clips from Cagney's 1932 boxing picture Winner Take All were also used to illustrate the character's earlier career.

Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible 2001

Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible is a British comedy-horror anthology series created by Graham Duff, who co-wrote the series with Steve Coogan. BBC Two broadcast the series in 2001. It spoofs the British horror films of Amicus Productions, Hammer Film Productions, and Tigon British Film Productions. The title parodies Amicus Productions' anthology film Dr. Terror's House of Horrors.

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible is an American sitcom that aired on CBS for five episodes during 1976. The short-lived series parodied American attitudes toward the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. Set in Moscow, the sitcom starred Lou Jacobi as a Russian hotel waiter named Ivan Petrovsky, and the day-to-day misadventures of Ivan's family and their Cuban exchange student boarder, all of whom live in a cramped, one-bedroom apartment. Also appearing in this series were Christopher Hewett, Phil Leeds, Alan Cauldwell and, in her TV series debut, Nana Visitor. Harvey Korman appeared as a Soviet bureaucrat in an uncredited cameo at the close of each episode. The executive producer of this series was noted comic Alan King.

Cleve Dixon: Terrible Detective 2012

Cleve Dixon, a man who fancies himself a detective, tries hard to prove he is good at what he does to help his ego, and maybe/hopefully a client or two on the way, all while fighting against his biggest enemies: his bad luck, bad timing and long, long list of shortcomings.

The Adventures of the Terrible Ten

The Terrific Adventures of the Terrible Ten, more commonly known as The Adventures of the Terrible Ten, was an Australian children's TV show that ran from 1959 to 1960. The series was filmed in rural Victoria. Fifty-two 10 minute episodes were created for the original series. The original episodes were re-edited and along with new footage were released in 1962 as The Ten Again. The series was originally screened on GTV-9; however, all repeats were aired by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Horrible Terrible Misadventures of David Atkins 2010

David Atkins is a once successful writer-director who has left his family in New York and moved out to Los Angeles in hopes of kick-starting his professional life back on track. Following a request from his teenage neighbor, Gwen to film him for a high school class project, David begrudgingly allows her to expand the project into an internet series which she believes will not only be popular, but will also help revitalize his career. Gradually though, and by no fault of his own, David begins to bumble his way up and slowly revive his career.

Lovely Horribly 2018

Philip and Eul Soon are bound by an unusual fate: one’s happiness always results in the other’s misfortune. The two start writing a drama together, and the events in the screenplay mysteriously begin occurring in real life.

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