Lucifer 2019

In God's own country, the supreme leader of the ruling party dies, leaving a huge vacuum, not only in the electoral and leadership sphere of the party but also that of the state. In the inevitable succession squabble and the power struggle that ensues, the thin line that separates good and bad becomes irrecoverably blurred and out of this seemingly endless mayhem, emerge forces that are hitherto unheard of.

Lucifer Rising 1974

Lucifer Rising is a short film by director Kenneth Anger. The film was completed in 1972 and starred British singer Marianne Faithfull, but only widely distributed in 1980. The film's soundtrack was composed by Bobby Beausoleil.

Lucifer 2014

On his downfall from Heaven to Hell, Lucifer passes through the earthly paradise, a village in Mexico, where elderly Lupita and her granddaughter Maria live. Lupita's brother Emanuel pretends he's paralyzed so he can drink and gamble while the two women tend to the sheep. Lucifer senses an opportunity and plays the miraculous healer. He forces Emanuel to walk again, seduces Maria and makes Lupita doubt about her faith. He didn't bring bad luck, he only illuminated the line between good and evil, where it didn't exist before.

Fear No Evil 1981

High school student turns out to be personification of Lucifer. Two archangels in human form (as women) take him on.

Luciferina 2018

After being part of a ritual, a nun will discover a secret that can endanger all those around her.

Lucifer 2019

Popular Russian rapper Husky experiences an existential crisis and faces difficult self-identity questions. To find the answers he comes to places where there are no borders between reality and fiction, becoming part of the game and speculation.

Lucifer 1987

A psychotic killer is embarked on a murder spree, and the authorities begin to suspect that he may have been sent from Hell.

Lucifer 2007

This is the story of the fall of Lucifer, whose pride would divide the heavenly host into two warring factions and ultimately bring Sin and Death to mankind. This story is the first of a trilogy concerning the greatest battle epic since Creation. This short is an action scene taken out of the first script. - Written by Ray Griggs

The Woman from Hell 1929

Dee Renaud is a girl playing the "Devil" in an amusement concession at a beach resort. Slick Glicks, the barker, promises the yokels that if they're able to catch the "Lady From Hell," she will reward them with a kiss. But when Glicks tries to go beyond kissing, Dee is rescued by Jim Coakley, son of a New England lighthouse keeper...

Meet Mr Lucifer 1953

A T.V. set given as a retiremant present is sold on to different households causing misery each time. One of the Ealing comedies.

Lucifer's Angels 2015

A thriller filled with classic horror elements that focuses on 3 different parties, whom all eventually cross each other's paths in a remote area of the Catskill Mountains. A group of four friends on their first camping trip together, a ghost hunter and his fiancé from NYC, and a father and son who live in the woods. They all unknowingly enter into a world of hate, betrayal and revenge, fueled by events that took place involving four inmates at the King Lakes Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally insane, back in 1978. It has been rumored that the area of the Catskills our characters travel to is haunted, and over the years, many disappearances have been reported.

The Lucifer Effect 2017

The film centers around 8 people, from all walks of life, who thought they had bought a 'movie role' in a horror film, only to be locked inside the haunted mental asylum to test "The Lucifer Effect" experiment.

Nosotros, Lucifer 2014

When meeting the madness of a woman searching for her dead mother, and a young man, who is caring an abandoned house, it can lead to the most horrific metaphysical feeling or the most unusual incoherence.

Lucifer 2000 1993

Anthony J. Hilder and Jordan Maxwell's first film, is an "overview" of the American Illuminati's plan to bring this planet under the dictates of gargantuan Global Government by the turn of the century.

Luciferous 2015

In a high-rise apartment young parents Alex and Mahsa live with their seven-year-old daughter Mina. Everything about the family is completely normal, uncomfortably real: Their home, their jobs, her school, the way they hold and love each other. The line between fact and fiction is blurred because THEY ARE A REAL family. Until completely normal turns into what they fear the most. Alex's injury opens the door to a malevolent force that attacks and dismantles the family one person at a time: A violent aggressor determined to prove that possession is real, unconscionably disturbing and very different from how it's depicted in the movies.

Island of Lucifer 2012

A mysterious and secretive satanic cult has been scattering various occult artifacts, threatening letters and satanic coins all around Denmark for the pas 40 years. A small, but determined film crew venture to the remote island of Anholt: The Island of Lucifer, as the cult has named it - to uncover the truth behind the mystery. The journey reveals several clues and strange coincidences and ultimately results in a surprising and unpredictable conclusion.

Lucifer 2016

Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar abandoned his throne and retired to Los Angeles, where he has teamed up with LAPD detective Chloe Decker to take down criminals. But the longer he's away from the underworld, the greater the threat that the worst of humanity could escape.

The Lucifer 2007

A string of murders brings together a conflicted detective, a psychic librarian, and a mysterious prosecutor with dubious motives in this action thriller starring Uhm Tae Woong, Joo Ji Hoon, and Shin Min Ah. Detective Kang Oh Soo is assigned to two seemingly unrelated murder cases, where the only clues left behind are tarot cards. He is lead to Seo Hae In, a quiet librarian who has the ability to make a psychic connection to an object to discover its history. She reveals to him that the victims were connected to the death of a high school boy years ago. The one common link between the suspects is their defense attorney, Oh Seung Ha, a young lawyer with questionable motives. Find out how everything is more connected than you think in this suspenseful thriller. The series is the second installment of the revenge trilogy by director Park Chan-hong and writer Kim Ji-woo, after Resurrection in 2005 and followed by Shark in 2013.

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