Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 2015

Greg is coasting through senior year of high school as anonymously as possible, avoiding social interactions like the plague while secretly making spirited, bizarre films with Earl, his only friend. But both his anonymity and friendship threaten to unravel when his mother forces him to befriend a classmate with leukemia.

Duke of Earl 1979

Violence erupts when two vicious street gangs go to war in the inner city. Duke, the gang leader of Tokers Town, is feeling the pressure from his Barrio to go to war with their rival gang 14th St. But while Duke was in jail he made a peace treaty with the leader of 14th St. only to discover they had broken it. Now with his homies getting shot and his mothers pleas to stop the violence he is at the breaking point.

Rebound: The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault 1996

A dramatization of the life of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault (Don Cheadle), with a lot of factual based occurrences. A reformed junkie returns from prison to clean up his act and devote the rest of his life to the young kids of Harlem. 1996 was the 25th anniversary of the first tournament named after him.

The Earl of Chicago 1940

A behind the times Chicago bootlegger goes to England with his lawyer to claim his estate as the Earl of Gorley.

Early Man 2018

Dug, along with his sidekick Hognob, unite a cavemen tribe to save their hidden valley from being spoiled and, all together as a team, to face the menace of a mysterious and mighty enemy, on the turf of an ancient and sacred sport.

What Happened to Bobby Earl? 1997

Rose Earl is proud as a peacock when Bobby, her eldest, whom she raised, like his kid brother Michael, to become moral men an model citizens, is the first member of the modest family ever to get accepted at college. It will take a while till she starts getting aware of it, but after he joins a respectable fraternity Bobby becomes ever more influenced by his roomy, the ambitious Tom Stahl, who promises him the world as they form an unbeatable team...

Earl Carroll Sketchbook 1946

An aspiring singer and her lover, a songwriter who has desperately resorted to writing radio jingles, have many conflicts on their road to success...

Cornbread, Earl and Me 1975

The unintentional shooting by police of a star basketball player has profound personal, political and community repercussions in this acclaimed adaptation of the novel Hog Butcher by Ronald Fair. This was one of the more thoughtful urban dramas produced at the height of the "blaxploitation" craze. Also released under the title Hit the Open Man, it features the screen debut of Laurence Fishburne, who was barely a teenager at the time.

Earl Carroll Vanities 1945

Broadway producer Earl Carroll was a Ziegfeld-like entrepreneur who staged lavish revues featuring attractive young ladies. Carroll's annual "Vanities" provided story material for three Hollywood films: Murder at the Vanities (34), A Night at Earl Carroll's (40) and Earl Carroll Vanities (45). This last film was produced by Republic Pictures, a bread-and-butter studio specializing in Westerns and serials; Republic had made musicals before, but few of them were expensive enough to allow for lavish production numbers. Earl Carroll Vanities is likewise rather threadbare, though some of the individual musical highlights aren't bad. The plot, such as it is, concerns financially strapped nightclub owner Eve Arden, who finagles Earl Carroll into staging one of his revues at her club.

The Earl of Pawtucket 1915

New Yorker Harriet Putnam divorces Montgomery Putnam of London and goes with her father Fordyce to Europe. In London, Harriet's apartment curtains catch fire and her screams disturb the bath of her neighbor, Lord Cardington, Earl of Pawtucket. While dousing the fire with glasses full of water, the foolish earl falls in love.

A Night at Earl Carroll's 1940

Newly-elected reform Mayor Jones celebrates his victory over the crooked political machine with a party at Earl Carroll's night club. Steve Kalkus, the defeated racketeer-politician, has Earl Carroll and several of his acts kidnapped, figuring the kidnapping coup will cause Jones to be laughed out of office. In Carroll's absence his assistant, Ramona Lisa, and his press agent, Barney Nelson put on the show themselves with the remaining talent, the chorus girls and also pressing into the entertainment cigarette girls, cloakroom girls, the doorman and others including oil heiresses Brenda Gusher and Cobina Gusher. Carroll and the other prisoners make their escape when a kidnapped juggling act sends their captors down in a barrage of beer bottles.

Earl Owensby, the Man... the Myth 1997

This award-winning documentary traces the life of independent-film mogul Earl Owensby, from poverty-stricken childhood to becoming a millionaire several times over.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm 2008

Marco Baldini is a young man determined to become the voice of a major radio; he alternates between his job at Radio Deejay and his gambling addiction, that slowly consumes his life, his relationship with his girlfriend and his work skills.

Early to Bed 1941

Donald has to get up early, but everything seems to be working to keep him awake. His loudly ticking alarm clock resists several attempts to quiet it. Donald ultimately swallows it; the glow-in-the-dark dial can be seen through his feathers. Then his folding bed folds up on him. Springs start popping out of it; Donald builds an elaborate framework to hold it down. Finally, enough of the clock reassembles itself to sound the alarm and night is over.

Early One Morning 2011

Monday morning. Paul Wertret, 50, heads off to his job as a manager at the International Credit and Trade Bank. He arrives at 8 o'clock on the dot, as usual. He enters a meeting room, takes out a gun and kills two of his bosses. Then he locks himself in his office. As he waits for the inevitable police assault, this ordinary man looks back over his life and the events that led him to commit such an act.

My Name Is Earl 2005

When petty criminal Earl Hickey wins the lottery, he sets off on a quest to repair his questionable karma.

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