Noam Chomsky: Imperial Grand Strategy 2006

In two lectures and a 45-minute interview, intellectual and political activist Noam Chomsky -- credited as the father of modern linguistics -- delivers an unabashed criticism of the Bush administration's record on terrorism, framing the president's invasion of Iraq as part of an "imperial grand strategy." Filmed in 2003, this collection of Chomsky's personal views also provides an effective overview of the global political climate.


Strategy is a Canadian game show television series which aired on CBC Television in 1969.

The Strategy Session

The Strategy Session was an investment television talk show on the CNBC television network that was aired for a half-hour, from noon to 12:30 ET, on weekdays. It was hosted by David Faber and Gary Kaminsky. Debuting June 7, 2010, this program, along with the Fast Money Halftime Report, replaced the first hour of Power Lunch, which itself had its runtime cut in half from 2 hours to 1 hour.

The Emperor's Strategy 2018

Chu Yuan is at the palace courtroom while Duan Baiyue is at the Southwest. Everyone believes they’re in opposition to each other, but turns out that may not be the case. Chu Yuan needs to become a good Emperor, and Duan Baiyue will be his best assistant.

YG Future Strategy Office 2018

Kpop star Seungri, BIGBANG youngest member, tries to lead a team of blumbing staff at YG's Future Strategy Office in this mockumentary sitcom.

Strategist Kanbe 2014

July 1590, Odawara. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's army had surrounded the Odawara Castle for over 3 months, hoping to conquer this last obstacle to his dream of the country's unification. Standing at the gate of the castle, a lone man facing the menacing guards shouted out: "Do not throw your lives away. Treasure living!". Not long after, the castle gates opened and the reigning lord surrendered. The name of that man is Kuroda Kanbee. An excellent military strategist, he worked hand-in-hand with Hideyoshi to unify the country.

Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry 2006

In the distant future, mankind is divided into two factions: Union and Deague. They have waged a war against each other for so long that no one remembers when it first began. Sara Werec, the daughter of a respectable family, is a 16-year old girl who attends a Space Academy where she is training to become a pilot. Her brother, Ralph Werec, had been sent to the frontline to accomplish a special mission when she was 11 years old. The two of them had lost their parents when they were young and the bond between the two is very close. It is Sara’s dearest wish to be reunited with her brother. To do that, she must travel to the battlefield where he is. One day, Sara’s planet is suddenly assaulted by Deague forces. To her surprise, her brother, Ralph, turns out to be one of the raiders who successfully kidnap a mysterious girl sleeping in a capsule.

Paul's Miraculous Adventure 1976

Paul's Miraculous Adventure is an action-adventure anime television series created by Tatsunoko Productions. The series was broadcast across Japan on the Fuji TV network from October 3, 1976, to September 11, 1977, and lasted 50 half-hour episodes. The series director was Hiroshi Sasagawa, of Speed Racer and Tokimeki Tonight fame.

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