Orphan 2009

A married couple with a rocky past adopt 9-year old, Esther to fill the void created by a recently-stillborn baby. However, Esther is not quite who she seems.

Three Orphan Kittens 1935

Three orphan kittens are entering a society house in winter and ruin the furniture. But when they're caught by the maid, the young daughter of the house "rescues" them from the cold out outside.

Orphan Horse 2018

A retired horse trainer finds a young runaway girl in his barn. Skeptic at first, he let's her stay and a friendship develops while he discovers her heart and talent for horses.

Awful Orphan 1949

Porky Pig's quiet life in his high-rise apartment building is rudely disrupted when an obnoxious mutt sneaks in and refuses to leave.

The Orphan Killer 2011

The Orphan Killer is a tour de force murder flick that defies classification. It goes far beyond current trends in gore and breaks open a new suffering genre of horror. Marcus Miller is a serial murderer hellbent on teaching his estranged sister Audrey what it means to have family loyalty. His lessons are taught in massive doses of vulgar and unimaginable pain. Throughout her brutal torture we learn that Marcus is not the only Miller with Killer in the bloodline as Audrey proves to be a formidable adversary.

The Little Orphan 1949

The Bide-a-Wee Mouse Home has sent the orphan mouse, Nibbles, to spend Thanksgiving with Jerry. But Jerry's cupboard is bare, and Nibbles is always hungry. They start by raiding Tom's milk dish, but Tom wakes up and drains it. Fortunately, Mammy has just put out a huge Thanksgiving feast, just ready for the raiding. And that's just what Tom and Nibbles do, grabbing Pilgrim hats from the table decorations. All goes fairly well until Nibbles eats a whole orange, which is way too big for him. Jerry smacks him with a spoon, which sends the orange flying, right into Tom's mouth. Tom stalks up to the table in a feather duster, which turns into an Indian headdress. Battle follows, featuring Tom sending flaming cat-tails after the mice, and culminating in a champagne bottle launching Tom into the dish cabinet, which crashes down. Tom waves a white flag, and all three sit down to a polite dinner, but Nibbles eats the whole turkey before anyone else can touch it.

The Orphan 1979

A disturbed young man is plagued by horrific headaches that he believes make him commit murders.

Alice's Orphan 1926

Julius the cat is skating on a pond when he espies a young lady break through the ice. He saves her, only to realize she's not particularly attractive, and so throws her back. Meanwhile, a kitten orphan is left in a basket by the side of the pond; Julius discovers it and takes it skating with him, afterward taking it home to Alice. They name him Oscar, and Julius tries to give the brat a bath. He then feeds Oscar and teaches him some table manners.

Often an Orphan 1949

Abandoned in the country by his old master, Charlie Dog tries to force himself upon farmer Porky Pig, playing upon his sympathies with a histrionic rendition of the horrors of big-city life.

Orphan's Picnic 1936

Mickey and Donald take a truckload of mouse boys on a picnic. The boys delight in tormenting Donald, first by filching the picnic food, then giving him a flower with a bee inside (Donald eventually gets the whole hive after him), and finally a sandwich with another bee in it.

Little Orphan Airedale 1947

Charlie Dog, looking for a good home and some easy living, thinks he's found the perfect sap in Porky Pig. He tries to ingratiate himself with the pig, all the way avoiding Porky's attempts to get rid of the dead-beat dog.

Orphan's Benefit 1941

Mickey and friends put on a revue for the orphans. Donald recites nursery rhymes, but the orphans torment him. Horace, Goofy, and Clarabelle do a dance number. Donald tries again. Clara clucks a song while Mickey plays piano (with support from an unseen orchestra). Donald returns, and the orphans finally send a parade of bricks and eggs on balloons over him and use slingshots to drop them on his head.

Little Orphan Annie 1938

Annie (Ann Gillis), an orphan, (based on Harold Gray's comic strip but who is at no point in the film called 'Little Orphan Annie), is befriended by a fight manager, 'Pop' Corrigan (J. Farrell MacDonald). She brings him Johnny Adams (Robert Kent), a promising prizefighter. Annie gets the people of the neighborhood to finance his training. But on the night of Johnny's big fight, a gambling syndicate locks him in a gymnasium and it appears the neighborhood folks will lose their investment.

The Orphan 2017

A young orphan with a mysterious past is forced into an orphanage run by a sinister lady. Soon, we begin to see that not all is at it seems.

Orphan of the Pecos 1937

Shortly after Brand kills Gelbert, Tom Rayburn arrives on the scene and is accused of the murder. Escaping, he goes after Doc Mathews, the man that can prove his innocence. Brand is also after Mathews and intends to keep him from testifying. But Mathews is a ventriloquist and this will lead to Brand's downfall.

Little Orphan Annie 1932

Millionaire Daddy Warbucks goes bust in the Great Depression and is forced to abandon his adopted daughter, Annie. While he's out west working on another fortune, Annie finds an orphaned boy on the streets and helps him find a home.

The Orphan Duck 1939

Dinky Duck wants to belong to someone, but no one wants him until a chicken falls into the water and heads for the waterfall.

Orphan of War 1999

A Mossad agent goes to New York to try to stop an illegal arms shipment to Iraq prior to the Gulf War and discover the mystery behind his mother's rape and suicide.

Orphan Black 2013

A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2015

The year is Post Disaster 323. More than 300 years after a great war between Earth and Mars known as the "Calamity War", Mars has been successfully terraformed and colonized by humans. However even with the technological advancements, the humans on Mars crave freedom against the government of Earth and seek to improve their livelihoods. Furthermore, while most of Mars' nations have received autonomy, the planet is virtually dependent on Earth for economic development. A young orphan named Mikazuki Augus is part of a group of children who work for the civilian security company Chryse Guard Security, entrusted with the safety of the Martian Princess Kudelia Aina Bernstein, who has plans for her nation of Chryse to secure independence from Earth. One day, the group was attacked by the Earth Military organization Gjallarhorn, which aims to stop the Martian independence movement. During the attack, the leader of the children and the Third Army Division within CGS, Orga Itsuka, decides to rebel against the adults and higher-ups who had escaped and left the children and foot-soldiers to remain and fight as decoys. Augus must now choose to either follow his friends, or his mission as he stumbles into the legendary mobile suit: the Gundam Barbatos.

Orphan Black: 7 Genes 2017

Sara Aoyama (Kang Ji-Young) was an orphan and is now a single mother. She has suffered through poverty, lack of understanding from society and other problems that led to her being separated from her daughter. She believes that if she has money, her life will change. One day, Sara Aoyama sees a woman killing herself by jumping in front of a train. The woman who jumped looks just like her doppleganger. Sara Aoyama is stunned, but takes the woman's bag. Since then, her life takes an unpredictable turn.

Nature's Miracle Orphans 2014

The first months of an animal's life are crucial - if they lose their mothers, they'll need help. Meet the wild orphans getting a second chance, and those devoted to saving them.

The Rhino Orphanage 2013

Karen Trendler has successfully raised over 200 orphaned rhinos. Now she builds an orphanage, designed exclusively for the rhinos victims of poaching - a home for the rhinos that would otherwise have been left to die. Karen's leadership begins team of veterinarians, carers and surrogate mothers enhance the lives of traumatized calves. And after all the effort the team has to wait and see if the orphaned rhinos can be successfully integrated with their new families.

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