Secret in Their Eyes 2015

A tight-knit team of FBI investigators, along with their District Attorney supervisor, is suddenly torn apart when they discover that one of their own teenage daughters has been brutally murdered.

The Secret in Their Eyes 2009

A retired legal counselor writes a novel hoping to find closure for one of his past unresolved homicide cases and for his unreciprocated love with his superior - both of which still haunt him decades later.

Private Eyes 2016

Ex-pro hockey player Matt Shade irrevocably changes his life when he teams up with fierce P.I. Angie Everett to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse.

Angela's Eyes 2006

FBI agent Angela Clinton has the exceptional gift of knowing when someone is lying. She discovered this skill at age 14, when she learned her "average" American parents were actually spies. Attempting to right her parents' wrong, Angela is now working with the same agency that brought her parents down.

C.A.T.S. Eyes 1985

C.A.T.S. Eyes is a British television series made by TVS for ITV between 1985 and 1987.

Eyes 2005

Eyes is an ABC television series starring Tim Daly as Harlan Judd. Eyes follows the firm of Judd Risk Management which uses marginally legal means to investigate individuals and crimes where law enforcement would fall short. With the help of high-tech gadgets, Harlan Judd and his employees recover money for victims as well as investigate individuals for clients but still manage to keep plenty of secrets from one another. In May 2005, having rescheduled the sixth episode twice, ABC announced that they would not be airing the remaining episodes until June at the earliest. They later announced that it would not be picked up for a second season and that the remaining episodes would remain unaired. New Zealand television station TV2 picked up this show and aired the complete series, all twelve episodes, in the second half of 2005. These episodes appeared online via BitTorrent soon after. The show was also partially aired on Singapore television station Mediacorp Channel 5, with the pilot episode and episodes #106 to #112 being skipped. Episode #111 was an exception, and was aired as the fifth episode. The show was also aired in full on France cable television station Canal Jimmy in 2006. In the beginning of 2008 the show was aired in full on Polish television station TVN 7. The series was shown on the Nine Network in Australia in 2007.

Goggle Eyes 1993

An adaptation of Anne Fine's 1989 children's novel about a one-parent family.

Cats' Eyes

Cats Eyes was an educational television programme which was part of the BBC Schools programming airing in the daytime. The show, which aimed at teaching primary science to children, is widely considered to be one of the best and most successful of its kind. The series began in 1994 and has continued to be broadcast each year up to and including 2003, producing over forty episodes .Whilst now off air, the show was often shown on BBC Two during schools programmes, and was often a favourite for teachers to show to a class in schools amongst other BBC Schools shows.

Eyes Down 2003

Eyes Down is a comedy starring Paul O'Grady as Ray Temple, the manager of a bingo hall in Liverpool, England called The Rio, although the series was filmed in Rayners Lane in London. Although it had moderate ratings, the programme only lasted for two series until it was cancelled by the BBC in 2004. The show was written by Angela Clarke and directed by Christine Gernon.

Four Eyes!

Four Eyes! is a children's Cartoon series, currently showing on Nicktoons.

The Eyes of Nye 2005

The Eyes of Nye was a science program airing on public television in the United States in 2005 and featuring Bill Nye. The show was more sophisticated than its predecessor Bill Nye the Science Guy, as it was aimed more toward adults and teenagers than children. All episodes were rated TV-G, except for "Addiction" and "The Evolution of Sex", both rated TV-PG. The creation of the show was motivated by the success of the television program Bill Nye the Science Guy, as well as a widespread contempt among scientists for scientific journalism in the media. The program was based in Seattle, Washington, produced by Buena Vista Television and broadcast during primetime by KCTS, the local PBS affiliate.

Through My Eyes

The true life story of Lindy Chamderlain and her recount of a dingo taking her baby

Dry Your Eyes

Dry Your Eyes was a Northern Irish sketch show on BBC One NI, created by the Hole in the Wall Gang, the makers of one of Northern Ireland's most successful shows Give My Head Peace. The show is written by Damon Quinn who also produces and stars in the series. Writer Damon Quinn said "It's a temporary move away from Give My Head Peace for us and is made up of a series of short series featuring new characters. We are delighted to be able to welcome on board actors Sharon Morwood, Martin McCann and Emma Little, which is a credit to BBC Northern Ireland in its commitment to bringing on local talent and promoting local comedy."

Eyes on the Prize 1987

Eyes on the Prize is a 14-hour documentary series about the African-American Civil Rights Movement. The series was produced in two stages: Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years 1954–1964 consists of the first six episodes covering the time period between the Brown v. Board decision and the Selma to Montgomery marches. It was broadcast in 1987 on PBS. The remaining 8 episodes make up Eyes on the Prize II: America at the Racial Crossroads 1965–1985, which was broadcast on PBS in 1990. The series was also shown in the United Kingdom on BBC2. Created and executive-produced by Henry Hampton at Blackside, Inc., the series uses primary sources to record the growth of the civil rights movement in the United States, with special focus on the ordinary people who effected the change. It has been lauded for its depiction of the Civil Rights Movement, and used extensively in schools and other educational settings as a way to convey the experiences and struggle for civil rights in America. The title of the series is derived from the song "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize", which is used in each episode as the opening theme music.

The Eyes of Texas

The Eyes of Texas is a long-running regional television series which aired original episodes from 1969—1999. The program focused on unique people, events and places throughout the state of Texas. It was produced and syndicated by KPRC-TV & Stonefilms, both in Houston. The series won a number of awards and produced a number of travel guides for each region of the state, intertwining notable locations featured in the program with the usual tourist attractions.

Stars in Their Eyes

Stars in Their Eyes is a TVNZ talent show, based on the original British version. It is hosted by Simon Barnett.

Stars in Their Eyes

Stars in Their Eyes was a British television talent show that ran on Saturday nights from 21 July 1990 until 23 December 2006 in which contestants impersonate showbiz stars. It was produced by Granada for ITV, based on Joop van den Ende's Dutch format, Soundmixshow. It remains one of Britain's most successful shows attracting around 13 million viewers for the live grand final at the end of each series. It has one of the most memorable catchphrases in TV history: 'Tonight, I'm going to be...' and was named most popular entertainment show at the National Television Awards in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000. The most impersonated stars are Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Cher, George Michael, Celine Dion, Kylie Minogue and Madonna.

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