Souviens-moi 2013

Thomas, in his thirties, returns to his childhood home to a strange face to face.

Souviens-toi de moi 1996

A young French immigrant from the Middle-East struggles to grow up in the housing projects surrounding Paris in this drama. The young woman faces many obstacles. Though she is in her twenties, Mimouna is forced to live with her domineering father and his traditionally submissive wife. Her younger siblings have eschewed Algerian traditions, and so does Mimouna, but only to a point, for she can also see the value of keeping her cultural heritage alive. Whether or not she chooses to live a traditional Algerian existence or that of the modern Western woman, Mimouna realizes that her gender restricts her opportunities in life.

Remember Me, My Love 2003

The story of a normal Italian family in which come out the dreams of those who have lost their possibilities and of those who want to realize them. Carlo and Giulia are a married couple who have each given up their aspirations in order to live an average life. Their 19-year-old son, Paolo, is having trouble finding an identity, while their 18-year-old daughter, Valentina, has already figured out how to use sex to her advantage. The family goes through a crisis when Carlo begins having an affair, Giulia attempt to seduce the director of a local stage production she is in, and Valentina does what she does best to land an audition for a TV show

Remember Me? 2014

Sharing the same psychologist, a kleptomaniac (Robert) that writes stories a bit too realistic and scary for kids, and a narcoleptic (Beatrice) that documents everything in her life, begin to see that love can be a cure for their ailments. But nothing comes easy to either of them, and, just like in Robert's stories, the happy ending really needs to be sought after. Will they find their own?

Like-moi! 2015

In a series of savage, often offbeat, comedic sketches, Like Me! illustrates the myriad facets—emotions, friendships and sex lives—of the Millennial generation. A mixed bag of absurd send-ups, laser-sharp observations and raw dialogue, the show explores a world where relationships are disposable, sentiment is recyclable, and pleasure is marketable.

Mon ex à moi 2015

Love gives you wings, puts stars in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach…but it can also make you blind and crazy! Amélie’s world falls apart when François, the man of her dreams, suddenly leaves her. Amélie may be a bright financial planner in her 20s, but when it comes to re-conquering her ex, she loses it and becomes a total crackpot. With her loyal friends Marilou and Mathieu by her side, Amélie will go to any lengths and try any hair-brained, absurd or extravagant scheme to get her man back. As she clings to the hope of reuniting with François, her perseverance – and her imagination – know no bounds.


Parlez-moi was an educational television series which was produced and broadcast by TVOntario from 1978 to 1980, with repeat broadcasts for several years afterwards. The host was Marc Favreau, who also played Sol the Clown.

Allume-moi 2013

Courageous bachelors introduce themselves to a panel of 30 beautiful women and must impress them enough to ensure a light on their podium remains lit. After two elimination rounds, the tables are turned. Through questioning, a bachelor determines which bachelorette he likes most and they go on a first date.

Trouve-moi ça ! 2014

Contestants must answer Billy Tellier’s questions, not with words, but with objects. In a race against the clock, they have to scour the streets and bring the sought-after item back before the countdown ends.

My Knight and Me 2016

My Knight and Me is a medieval comedy led by Jimmy the Squire, his father Henri the Knight and Cat, the rebel princess who stages their incredibly zany adventures against evil witches, dragons and giant cyclopes. With Henri's unique enthusiasm, Cat's gumption, and Jimmy's faultless reasoning, our heroes are setting out to make the Dark Ages a little less dark and a whole lot more fun!

Passe-moi les jumelles

"Passe-moi les Jumelles", Paju pour les intimes, est la seule émission de la RTS qui peut se permettre de prendre son temps. Le temps de naviguer à contre-courant, de faire des rencontres souvent étonnantes, de traverser des paysages aussi sublimes que stimulants, ici ou ailleurs, avec la curiosité comme seul guide. Un bol d'oxygène à consommer chaque vendredi, pendant 24 semaines, printemps comme automne en Haute Définition et sans modération !

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