Rama Rama Re 2016

It is a simple story of a convict on death row, who escapes from prison and accidentally ends up with a veteran who is called upon by the authorities to teach the process of hanging a convict to the new staff.

Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama 2014

Captain Sabertooths world sets the stage for stormy and magnificent adventures, in which the children demonstrate courage, shrewdness and vigour in their battle against evil. The audience will enter the pirate vessel The Black Lady and join the youngster Tiny and his girl friend Raven on an adventurous voyage from the pirate alleys in Abra Harbour to the colourful and exotic Lama Rama. Together with Captain Sabertooth and his crew, they brave towering waves and travel through deep jungles in their search for King Rufus fabled treasure. The film is a thrilling story, in which we follow a young boy in tireless search for the truth about his missing father. This voyage evolves into an adventure which will change Tinys life forever. Captain Sabertooth and the Lama Rama Treasure will be a magnificent and humorous live action feature film for the whole family.

Nine Hours to Rama 1963

José Ferrer and Horst Buchholz star in this fictionalised account of events leading up to the assassination of Indian spiritual leader and independence campaigner Mahatma Gandhi.

Spic-O-Rama 1993

John Leguizamo's follow-up to Mambo Mouth.

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna 2010

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna (Telugu: రామ రామ కృష్ణ కృష్ణ) is a 2010 Telugu language film that stars Ram, Priya Anand and Bindu Madhavi in the lead role, whilst prominent actors Arjun Sarja, Nassar, Brahmanandam and Gracy Singh play pivotal roles. This film, directed by Srivas (Lakshyam fame) and produced by noted producer, Dil Raju, released on May 12, 2010. The film got dubbed into Tamil later as Gandhipuram and released on December 24, 2010.

Rama Madhav 2014

Film starring Aditi Rao Hydari, Amol Kolhe and Mrinal Kulkarni

Fan-O-Rama 2016

Your favorite delivery boy, cyclops, and robot are back in this live action adaptation of Futurama. It follows Fry, Leela, and Bender as one of the crew finds that they are soon to die, so they must save them before time runs out.

Sri Rama Rajyam 2011

Lord Sri Rama (Balakrishna) retains his wife Sita (Nayanthara) comes back to their kingdom Ayodhya, after killing Ravana. And Sri Rama will continue his charisma in ruling the kingdom after his Pattabhishekam. On one day he will hear the sweet news that Sita is pregnant. Everything looks fine, but on one day Sri Rama came to know that people in his kingdom are having discussions about Sita’s character, as she spent some time in Ravana’s place. So, Rama decides himself to leave Sita and she is sent to the forest. There she was protected by Valmiki and was given shelter in his Ashram. Later she gives birth at Ashram to twins; Lava and Kusa. Later she gives birth at Ashram to twins; Lava and Kusa. What are the incidents that happens next forms the Sri Rama Rajyam Story.

Mahayoddha Rama 2016

Mahayoddha Rama retells the great epic of Hindu god, Rama. in this epic, Rama is born to king Dashrath and as an adult fights the 10-headed demon Ravana.

Ayyo Rama

Ayyo Rama is an Drama Romance film directed by Kiran Kumar Cheboolu and produced by Ganta Ramakrishna. It features Pavan Sidhu and Kamna Singh in the lead roles while Chandra Mohan appear in crucial supporting roles.The movie is completely produced by Ganta Ramakrishna. The movie is completely packed popular characters of comedy show jabardasth mainly Chandra and chanti in lead roles.

Rama Dama 1990

Munich, World War II: The young Kati Zeiler runs a small barbershop. Her husband Felix is ​​fighting on the Eastern Front. So Kati draws her daughter Marie alone. A bomb attack destroys the shop and the apartment.

Kanneshwara Rama 1977

Kanneshwara Rama (Kannada: ಕನ್ನೇಶ್ವರ ರಾಮ; English: The Legendary Outlaw) is a 1977 Kannada political drama film directed by M. S. Sathyu and produced by the Sharadha Movie Productions banner. The film is based on the novel Kannayya Rama written by the acclaimed writer S. K. Nadig. The story is set in the 1920s during which a young rebellious youth named Kanneshwara Rama opposes to the unjust orders given by the village head and becomes outlawed from the village.[1] The film stars Ananth Nag as the protagonist along with Shabana Azmi, Amol Palekar, Dheerendra Gopal, Venkatesh in the key supporting roles. The film's score and songs were composed by B. V. Karanth who's also enacted as the dacoit cheiftan. The film, upon release, was critically acclaimed and was screened at various film festivals across India and abroad.

Rama Chakkani Seetha

Rama Chakkani Seetha tells the story of Balu and Anu, and how they fall for each other.

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 1988

When three college guys get caught spying on a sorority ritual, they're forced to accompany the pledges on their next assignment: stealing a trophy from a bowling alley. But the token they pinch has a devilish imp who makes their lives a living hell.

Porn-O-Rama 1992

Writer-director Paul Norman -- the same sexual visionary who dreamed up erotic fantasies such as Edward Penishands -- spearheads a five-part examination of the adult film industry in this series hosted by porn stars Ron Jeremy and Alexis De Vell. Originally filmed in 1992, the program includes interviews with some of the hottest adult stars of the decade, including Jon Dough, Shayla LaVeaux, Samantha Strong, Cal Jammer and Chantilly Lace.

Dance-O-Rama 1963

In this Filipino comedy inspired by the daily 60s live TV dance show, Susan Roces plays Adoracion Luna, who, with the other teenage girls in her dormitory, aspires to be crowned Dance-O-Rama Queen.

Clash-A-Rama 2016

From three writer-producers of the Simpsons, and Rough Draft Studios (the animation house that brought you Futurama), comes Tolerable Studios, bringing you original comedy based on your favorite Clash characters!

Rena rama Rolf 1994

Rolf Allan Mjunstedt is the most famous, and according to himself, the best tram driver in Gothenburg. He is married to Bettan who he loves deeply, despite all of their conflicts.

Tenali Rama 2017

Court poet Tenali Rama serves at the court of Emperor Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara empire, and uses his sharp wit and wisdom to solve complicated matters quickly.

Vans Bowl-A-Rama

Vans Bowl-A-Rama is an Skateboarding event held annually at Bondi Beach, Wellington and New York. It is the richest competition in terms of prize money in Australia and New Zealand and a shown live on Fuel TV Australia.

Ramayan 1987

Ramayan is a highly successful and phenomenally popular Indian epic television series created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar. The 78 episode series originally aired weekly on Doordarshan from 25 January 1987, to 31 July 1988, on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. IST. It is a television adaptation of the ancient Indian Hindu religious epic of the same name and is primarily based on Valmiki's Ramayan and Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas. It is also partly derived from portions of Kamban's Ramavataram and other works.

Ramar of the Jungle 1953

Ramar of the Jungle was a syndicated American television series that starred Jon Hall as Dr. Tom Reynolds and Ray Montgomery as his associate. Episodes were set in Africa and India. Produced by Rudolph Flothow for Arrow Productions and ITC Entertainment, four sets of 13 episodes were produced for a total of 52. Each episode runs approximately 25 minutes. In season one, the first 13 episodes are set in Africa and the second 13 are set in India. For the second season, all 26 episodes take place in Africa. Several television episodes were combined and released as theatrical movies by producer Leon Fromkess. Select episodes have been released on several DVDs through discount & "dollar" stores. Each disc contains approx. 4 episodes, with no extras available.

Misyou Ramadan Mabrouk Abul-Alamein Hamouda

The series revolves around the teacher of the first Arabic language, Professor Ramadan (Mohamed Heneidy), who lives in a rural village called Mitt Bariz, who is very loved by the people of the village and tries to exploit their love to illuminate their insight into what the mayor and the People's Assembly member asked about this village of corruption. In the midst of events, he goes to France and some comic paradoxes occur.

Ramayan 2008

Ramayan, based on Valmiki's Ramayan and Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas, as well as Chakbasta's Urdu Ramayan, is an Indian television series produced by Sagar Arts which aired on NDTV Imagine. It is also partly derived from portions of Kambar's Kambaramayanam, Bhavarth Ramayan, Krittivasi Ramayan by Krittibas Ojha, Shree Rangnath Ramayana by Gona Budda Reddy, Ramchandra Charit Puranam by Abhinavpamp Nagchandra, Adhyatama Ramayanam by Tunjat Eluchan, Shree Anand Ramayan by Pt. Ramlagna Pandey. It is a remake of the highly successful Ramayan that was created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar and which aired on Doordarshan from 1987 to 1988. The show won the "Most Promising New Show of the Year" award at the Indiantelevision.com's New Talent Awards. In addition to this, Gurmeet Choudhary, who played the lead role of Lord Rama won the "Most Promising New Talent of Tomorrow" Award.

Ramajetterne 2015

Danish kids show with puppets. Staring Kristian Gintberg

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Spesial Ramadan 2010

The Daarul Quràn Islamic Boarding School in the village of Wangen, Polanharjo, Klaten, is the biggest Islamic Boarding School in the southern Central Java Region. It is run by a very charismatic scholar, Kyai Luthfi Hakim. One day, Kyai Luthfi Hakim has to fulfill his promise to live next to Il Haram mosque for 6 months. Therefore, the responsibility to run the school falls into the hand of his his son in law  and his daughter, Azzam dan Anna Althafunnisa. This is how the story begins. In the beginning, the problems they encounter don’t come from the outside world or from anyone else. The problem comes from their own marriage. There is Anna’s illness that might cause her not to be able to bear any children, which in the end causes her to be very jelous towards her husband. There is also the presence of a drug addict student, threatening to seduce Azzam. And finally, Eliana’s presence, whose intention is actually only to ask for Azzam’s help in finding some location for her movie. The school is truly tested when one of their students quits the program. This makes for a very bad reputation for the school. Ever since that school was established, they always have been known to have a perfect record. There has never been any parents wanting to get their children out of the programs for disagreement over teaching method as well as loss of trust. How will Azzam and Anna resolve this internal problems between them, especially after their encounter with Aprilia, Eliana, dan Qanita?.. How will Azzam take care of her sisters and his business? Will Azzam and Anna manage to withheld the reputation of Daarul Quràn as the center of Islamic knowledge, as well as the provider of comfort and calmness? Find the answers in “When Love is Blessed Special Ramadhan”. Specially made as a continuation of the successfully phenomenal movie, watched by millions across South East Asia. Filled with educational conflicts, which insya Allah, will be able to build Indonesia’s soul through wise teaching and love.

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