Wake Up Sid 2009

Wake Up Sid! is the story of a lazy Mumbai college student who does absolutely nothing, with a turn of events will Sid realize his potential in this world and become a success in the fast-paced life of Mumbai.

Wake Up 2019

When a psychiatric doctor researches a young girls' diary to find out why she murdered her entire family, he begins to fall into the same state of insomnia and confusion that led her to lose her mind.

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie 2004

While Ron Burgundy's rivalry with Veronica Corningstone escalates quickly, a group of unprofessional thieves better known as 'The Alarm Clock' try to make the truth known, whatever that may mean...

Wake Up 2010

Jonas Elrod woke up one day with the ability to see and hear angels, demons and ghosts. Filmed over the course of three years, this documentary follows Jonas and his girlfriend as they try to understand the phenomenon.

Wake Up 2016

A debt collector (Michael Mando) has a nervous breakdown at work on the anniversary of his wife's suicide (Amber Goldfarb). He is pulled between reality and a hallucinative journey into his subconscious as he desperately searches for a way out of his misery.

I Wake Up Screaming 1941

A young promoter is accused of the murder of Vicky Lynn, a young actress he "discovered" as a waitress while out with ex-actor Robin Ray and gossip columnist Larry Evans.

Wake Up, Girls! - Seven Idols 2014

The era is the Idol Warring Era. This is the story of the the seven girls known as the "Wake Up, Girls," and the hardships they face. A rather insignificant talent agency called Green Leaves Entertainment that's located in Sendai, Japan, is about to go under. At one point, they represented magicians, gravure idols, and fortune tellers, but finally, their one remaining talent finally quits. Faced with having absolutely no one to represent, the agency president, Tange, thinks up a plan to produce an idol group.

Wake Up 2012

One man (Tony Simões) sees that he doesn't know what to do or how to go on with his life. Many reasons that can lead to incredible acts. The insistence of this man to fight something that is unknown leads him to an idea. Good? Bad? Only he will know! But one thing we can be sure. He will do it!

Wake Up Ghost

In a village where black magic is widespread people are haunted by a ghost that they cannot get rid of. One day a black magician came to the village and helped to get rid of the ghost. After that the villagers respected him and called him Ajarn (teacher) Kong the great magician. A rich man hired Kong to kill the murderer of his daughter by using black magic. Not only did he do that other strange things began taking place. The police began to wonder about all of this and hired their own black magician, Ajarn Pan, to assist them in their investigation...

Wake Up! 2013

A young man who's stuck in a corparate life find's himself in a situation where he questions the way he lives.

Wake Up 2011

A man remembers his early years as a teenager, after being asked what he would do if he was 30 years younger.

Wake Up Igglepiggle 2015

In the Night Garden is about a magical picture book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child's imagination. Words, rhymes and music carry the viewer through a happy world of loveable characters and nursery rhyme nonsense.

Wake Up and Dance 1950

Short film shot at Stratford-upon-Avon and exploring the joy of folk dancing.

Wake Up and Dream 1946

Aided by her eccentric friends, a young woman goes looking for her missing brother.

Wake Up and Live 1937

Satire on radio, built around the supposed feud between bandleader Ben Bernie and journalist Walter Winchell.

Wake Up, Girls! 2014

On Christmas 2013, the band Wake Up, Girls plays their debut song to a small audience without much fanfare. After the concert, the group’s manager takes off with the money, leaving Green Leaves Entertainment on the verge of closure and the band without a future. Despite this tumultuous beginning, the girls get a second chance, thanks to a mysterious benefactor and a shady business proposal. From here it’s a rocky climb to the top, but it’s a climb the girls are ready to make. Wake Up, Girls! follows the internal and external struggles of being a small-time idol girl band, from finding and accepting gigs to competing in popularity against other pop bands. Through the band, the girls come to accept their pasts and become more certain about their futures. Faced with increasing stakes and popularity, each of the band’s seven members must find the strength and courage inside herself to give her all to the band.

Wake Up

Wake Up is an upcoming Australian breakfast television program on Network Ten The program is expected to premiere in November 2013 and will air weekday mornings from 6am until 9am and it will be presented by Natarsha Belling, Natasha Exelby and James Mathison. The program will broadcast weekdays from Queenscliff Surf Club at Manly Beach in Sydney, with Nuala Hafner presenting news updates from a glass studio at Federation Square in Melbourne.

Wake Up Call 2014

Dwayne Johnson has a problem with problems. So he sets out to be the solution to the problem. Everyday people facing enormous challenges lean on "The Rock," a man whose hard work, inner strength and sense of personal motivation helped him to escape poverty and achieve success. Dwayne Johnson uses his experiences to aid those who are down on their luck, reminding them that having discipline, passion and goals can accomplish a lot. He visits dysfunctional homes, encounters deadbeat dads, works with struggling sports teams, and checks in on cash-strapped businesses to give inspirational wake-up calls. Each episode features a celebrity friend of Johnson as a guest mentor, including UFC President Dana White, chef Rocco DiSpirito, celebrity stylist Jeannie Mai, and rapper/producer Juicy J.

Wake Up Call 2002

Wake Up Call is a show on CNBC that aired in the early morning, premiered from 6 to 8AM ET on February 4, 2002. Later it was moved to 5 to 7AM timeslot. Previous program shown in the same time slot was Today's Business. Originally co-anchored by Liz Claman and Carl Quintanilla, Wake Up Call was hosted by Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, sometimes in conjunction with a guest host. The programme used a slightly different graphics package to other CNBC programmes; in particular, a different format for the ticker. The program ended its run on December 16, 2005 and was replaced by Worldwide Exchange on December 19. Today's Business was the equivalent program on CNBC Europe and used the same theme music as Wake Up Call. That program, which was hosted by Steve Sedgwick, ended its run on March 23, 2007 and replaced by Capital Connection on March 26, 2007. There was also a program on CNBC Asia called Asia Wake Up Call. It merged with Asia Squawk Box in 2003.

Wake Up! WA

Wake Up! WA was a breakfast television show broadcast in Western Australia. It was broadcast on Access 31 until the station's demise in 2008.

Wake Up With Al

Wake Up With Al is a weekday morning weather program on The Weather Channel with live weather updates mixed with recorded segments from the original broadcast. It hosted by Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams.

Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call 2009

Greg Behrendt's Wake-Up Call was an American reality television series that premiered on SoapNet on January 8, 2009. The series was hosted by stand-up comedian and author Greg Behrendt. The series, like Behrendt's previous effort, specialized in dealing with couples and their relationship problems. The major difference between Wake-Up Call and The Greg Behrendt Show was that the relationships were dealt with in person rather than in a television studio. Originally, Wake-Up Call was supposed to air on ABC in the 2006-2007 season, as the six-episode series was scheduled to be a midseason replacement. However, ABC never aired the episodes and the series sat unaired for two years until corporate sibling SoapNet began airing the series. The final episode aired on February 12.

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